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A Random Act of Kindness- Pass it on!
A customer told me a story that is definitely worth sharing. I asked her to tell it in her words and kindly, she did. Here is Helens story, if you find it inspiring she asks that you please share the following words and deeds with others:
- Nikki D'Amico, Director of Operations
American Flags Express
------ It all began when I constantly passed the same house with a faded American flag, a Marine flag on an in-ground flagpole. This was my first attempt at this but I felt confident that the flag would be received as it was intended. I knocked and the door opened with an elderly woman saying "hello." I mentioned that I pass her home a lot, noticed that a new flag was needed and that I had one for her. I handed her the flag and a printed note that this was a "random act of kindness, to pass it on," and thanked her for flying the flag. The flag went up and is still flying.
I carry 3 sizes of flags in the trunk of my car. All are made in USA with embroidered stars and stripes from American Flags Express. Quality is important. The flags will still look good after a couple of years.
I was really motivated since the first presentation was successful.
Next house: Knocked on the door, a woman cracked the door open and I went through my dialogue. She apologized and said that it was on her husbands list. The flag I gave her is still flying.
House # 3: A faded flag was nailed on the porch, no flag pole. My timing was good. An elderly gentleman was walking on the sidewalk to the house. I went through my dialogue. He asked me how much it was and I said there was no cost, thanked him for flying the flag. He reached into his pocket and said, "Here's a couple of bucks, it must cost you something." I said I wouldn't accept any donation and left. He now has the flag on a flag pole and it is still flying.
It was a Sunday evening at around 5 when I saw a group of people having drinks on their patio under a faded/torn flag. This would be a test of my bravery. I approached the party and went through the same speech. They really liked what I was doing, invited me in for a drink, and said "Thanks, doll!" when I left. That flag is still flying.
Since then I have given flags to dry cleaners, surf shop and more homes.
I get so much enjoyment from driving and seeing the flags! Hopefully others will pass on the kindness. That is my goal.

God Bless America ------

August 15, 2011
A Note from Thomas J. D'Amico, President of American Flags Express-
On September 8th 2001 my 19 year old cousin, Dawid arrived at Chicago O'Hare Airport from Poland to live with our family in Wisconsin for a few months. It was his first trip to America. Before returning to our Wisconsin home, Dawid asked if his first American meal could be a Chicago hot dog. I knew just the place, Portillo's Hot Dogs in the heart of Chicago. Within a few minutes we were standing outside Portillo's eating a Chicago style hot dog and fries while the sun began to set.
The lights of the Chicago skyline were starting to glow. Sounds of the city filled the air. From just across the street, we could hear Elvis music coming from the Rock 'n Roll McDonald's. Dawid is a huge Elvis fan. He turned to me and said, "I'm here... I'm really in America."
A few days later on September 11, 2001, Dawid and I watched the terrorist attack unfold on TV. Dawid asked, "Is this the end of America?" I told him, no it was not the end of America. I explained he would witness the greatest renewal of patriotism within my lifetime. Americans would join together to defeat the enemy.
And even though, at the time of this writing, almost 10 years later, our country is experiencing tremendous problems, our citizens remain incredibly resilient and determined to get our country back on track. We are dreamers with a purpose and never ending determination.
-Thomas J. D'Amico

June 30, 2011
American Flags Express Inc. - Top 10 Myths about the American Flag An essential guide before your Independence Day BUTLER, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-
With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, it is important you know the facts—and the myths—surrounding the good old stars and stripes before you put up your American flags to celebrate. You are probably already aware of several facts regarding the American flag, but how many are actually true? “Some of our most patriotic customers have unwittingly perpetuated these myths, mainly by e-mail” Thomas D’Amico, founder of American Flags Express, Inc. (, reports hearing countless untruths regarding the flag’s significance. “Some of our most patriotic customers have unwittingly perpetuated these myths, mainly by e-mail,” says D'Amico. American Flags Express Inc. has compiled a list of the top 10 untruths they hear circulated about the American flag from their customers that you should know before you hang your flags as a symbol of your patriotism this summer.
1. Each of the thirteen folds required to store an American flag has a significant meaning. These meanings were, in fact, created by a chaplain during a burial service in 2002, but the meanings are not recognized by the American Legion.
2. All American flags must be made in America. There are no federal laws restricting the importation of American flags.
3. The mayor, a town official, or the post commander may order the flag to be displayed at half-staff. Only the president of the United States or a state governor may order the flag to be half-staffed, in accordance with the Flag Code.
4. An American flag must be destroyed if it touches the ground. As long as the flag remains suitable for displaying, you may continue to display it.
5. Cutting up the American flag is a proper method of flag retirement. The most accepted retirement methods are respectfully burning or American flag recycling.
6. The American flag must be retired by burning. Burning is not mandated by the Flag Code.
7. The Flag Code assigns penalties for violations of any of its requirements. The Flag Code is a guideline, and the law does not provide penalties for noncompliance.
8. The Texas state flag is the only flag authorized to fly at the same height as the American flag. The Flag Code merely states that when the state flag is flown along with the American flag, the American flag is given a position of superior dominance, whether it is placed at the highest point or on the far right staff, if multiple staffs are used. Therefore, any state may fly a flag at the same height as the American flag and still observe the provisions of the Flag Code.
9. A flag that has been used to cover a casket is forbidden from being used for any other display purposes. A flag that has been used to cover a casket may be used afterward for any proper display purpose.
10. The Flag Code prohibits the washing or dry-cleaning of an American flag. The Flag Code does not provide rules regarding the washing or dry-cleaning of the flag. The decision to do either should depend more on the type of material of the flag.
For more information regarding American flags, visit If you would like more information about this topic or want to schedule an interview with Thomas J. D'Amico, please contact Karen Toussaint at 262-783-4800, ext. 10, or email

March 8, 2011
American Flags Express Inc., provided the strong, light weight flagpole used by the marathon racing team representing India during the extreme Antarctica Ice Marathon held December 15, 2010. The 100 K course is located at Union Glacier, Antarctica just a few hundred miles from the South Pole at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains. Billed as, undoubtedly the world’s coldest 100K, the average wind chill temperature is 20° below zero. It’s so cold and windy there are no penguins living this far south. Tom D’Amico, founder of American Flags Express Inc. said, “Our flags and flagpoles have been used in many extreme conditions but this is the first time we’ve had product in Antarctica. We are proud that our reputation for quality products has taken us to so many extreme locations.” The race is sponsored by KOBBOLD Watch Company.
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