Help Us Produce the
American Spirit Video 2018

Be a Part of an American Crowd Sourcing Project

Our Goal: Produce a dramatic 3-minute video focusing on beautiful and unique views of the American flag. The video will make use of drones to record American flag images and videos that were virtually impossible to capture without this new technology.

Drone in flight with video camera

Details: American Flags Express Inc. wants to produce a 3 minute Vimeo/YouTube video. The theme will be the American Flags across America. We want to show American flags across America in a way they have never been shown before making use of drones. All video submissions will be accepted, including handheld video. We are accepting video clips from people across the country and will award $5 for every 1 second video use in the final production along with credit. If you'd like to donate those earnings to a charity (Fisher House Foundation or Concerns of Police Survivors, for example) we would be happy to facilitate that.
We're developing a storyboard which will act more as a guideline but we’re open to all types of creative ideas as long as they feature the American flag in some way. Here are some ideas:

– American flag flying proudly in a wind
– American flag flying with cityscape behind
– American flag flying with background mountains
– American flag flying with ocean view
– American flag being hoisted up a pole by a firefighter or police officer
– Patriot Guard motorcycle riders with American flags
– American flag on a barn with a farmer coming through the door on a tractor
– Soldiers saluting American flag
– camera moves from soldier close-up and up the pole
– Kids/dog running through open field holding American flags
– Kids in a classroom with a flag mounted on the wall (your ideas)
– Construction worker with a flag on his truck
– Computer programmer with a small flag on display on their desk

There's no doubt this is a challenging mission. We want to see the flag flying proudly in a wind which is a challenge for the pilots. In other cases the pilots may be flying inside with limited space. It will mean contributing RC pilots will develop greater piloting skills in creating these memorable views.

We are still working out the details but if you are interested please e-mail your contact information to We will update you on our progress and provide you with information for submitting your video. In the meantime it's never too early to start capturing video images of American flags.

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